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Vision of the Future: Heading Toward a Dystopian Society

This photo depicts the possibility of a dystopian society to happen in the future.
a photo of a dystopian society with high rise buildings

Is it possible that we will fall into a dystopian society? Based on our current situation, we may already be in a dystopia.


Does the future of our society cross your mind at times? Do you ponder whether there even is a future? Oh, and has there ever been a time when you imagined a dystopia? What would the future look like, especially with regard to our current situation? We are already experiencing distress in some areas in our society, but the thought that it could be far worse is frightening.


What Is a Dystopian Society?

To begin with, the term dystopia holds a much more profound meaning. Dystopia, a term derived from the Greek language, is a concept that revolves around the idea of an imaginary society, community, or world that is the antithesis of a utopia. In Greek, ' dys' means 'bad' or 'difficult', while 'utopia' refers to an ideal or perfect world. Hence, dystopia paints a vivid picture of a world that is far from perfect, where an oppressive and dehumanizing environment leads to a bleak future. 


A dystopian society is a world where human rights are violated, individualism is suppressed, and human dignity is trampled upon. This results in a society that is often characterized by chaos, suffering, and despair. 


Does it sound familiar?


The Impact of Technology 


Technology has advanced throughout the years and continues to pave the way in our society significantly. However, the curiosity of some people if technological advancements may impact the bridge toward a dystopian society is springing up. 


Whether technology destroys or flattens the bridge toward dystopia is ultimately up to how society utilizes it for the good or the bad. 


The future is unknown and sounds daunting, but there is always a chance to alter it through our decisions and actions in the present. If we continue to ignore our current situations and let chaos prevail, then dystopia is the endgame for all of us; however, if we do go against it and start journeying in pursuit of peace, perhaps we can prevent dystopia and even succeed in utopia.


Technology has a significant impact on our society, and we are highly clinging to it. Simply, nowadays, humanity is dependent on technology.


We are unaware of the impact and significance it holds in shaping the future of our society.


Are We Currently Living in a Dystopian Society?


From the looks of it, it appears to be that we are currently living in a dystopia.


But the thing is, if you think this is as bad as it gets, then I'm afraid you might be wrong. Dystopia is far worse than you expect and goes beyond the crisis and distress we face today. It circles frightening injustices, dehumanization, inequality, dangerous levels of waste, inhumane crimes, and any awful human destruction and transgression.


In the present, we are not living in dystopia, but we are experiencing human problems and facing societal issues that may worsen if we let the unjustness prevail. Today may not be what we imagined as the future, but the future is now our present reality.


Dystopian Novels: An Early Warning System


Dystopian fiction, including a dystopian novel about technology, is crucial in enlightening and cautioning individuals about the potential dangers of existing social and political systems.


This opens a new door to a dystopian novel about technology that delves into how far people are willing to go when they are frightened, especially in a world where science and technology have the potential to enable extreme actions.


Anthony Candela's dystopian novel about technology, Vision Dreams, A Parable, provides a thought-provoking perspective on the nature of a society that values the well-being and humanity of its people above all else. It challenges our perceptions of what it truly means to live in a society that supports our daily happiness and dignity.


Are We Ready for the Future?

Now that we have gone over some points concerning dystopia, are we prepared for it to happen? Because dystopia is possible if we continue to lean on the wrong. The future of dystopia is also obscure, so we still have a chance to improve our future. It starts with you.


If you find dystopian concepts interesting, we highly recommend reading the book Vision Dreams, A Parable. Grab your own copy now and click here.




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