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A Regular Guy’s Guide to Loving Your Flaws and All

A little regular guy hugging himself and loving himself.

Photo by Izzy Park on Unsplash

Loving your true self will be challenging in a society that values image, superficiality, and bravado. Still, it will often lead to greater rewards.

What does it mean to be just a “regular guy”?

Is it someone who doesn’t fit in the mold of societal expectations? Or is it a person who chooses to live authentically and still loves their flaws? Anyone can work towards living life as just a regular guy; however, self-acceptance is not limited to a few people only.

As a regular guy, how will you embrace who you are, flaws and all, and find contentment in a world that imposes a narrow definition of success?

Defying Social Expectations as A “Regular Guy”’

Expectations from other people are often the ones that weigh us down. It could be from our family, friends, peers, coworkers, etc. Even strangers now have a say on how we should live our lives, especially now that we’re all out in the open in this digital age. To tread the first step towards loving yourself, challenging these expectations is a great way to start the sprint.

Moreover, it’s time to redefine our own success and how we want to feel about it once we reach that peak. Remember, the only one who can determine success and fulfillment is ourselves; no one can dictate or take that away. Another essential thing to note is that there is no universal standard of what it means to be successful or happy. Being a regular guy means taking control of your own life, embracing your uniqueness, and believing that your worth is not determined by what society made it out to be.

Authenticity Over Image – Which Is Which?

It’s not wrong to keep up appearances when we’re in front of other people. After all, it’s all about first impressions, ultimately affecting how we’re treated wherever we go. However, placing importance on authenticity over image can be difficult, especially with how the digital world is obsessed with image. Those not gifted in that aspect might be left out or unknowingly omitted because they don’t fit in with the rest.

But true self-acceptance is rooted in being comfortable in your skin and not being afraid to show genuine interest in anything. Moreover, authenticity should not be confused with outright rudeness or unwarranted blunt behavior. When being our true selves, we must still approach others tactfully. After all, we’re regular guys trying to get through a typical day. It won’t hurt to be kind to each other and not lie to ourselves.

Staying Humble and On the Ground

Life will always humble us, and it’s up to us however we react. Humility plays a significant role in loving our true selves, hopefully picking up that trait. We can’t always be above our own heads, and we forget how to understand and empathize with others. Moreover, being open to growth and self-improvement are vital things that make a person humble. Not to mention that how we receive feedback or criticism tells much more about who we are and our humility. Self-awareness might also play a part, but in the end, the willingness to grow and learn from those flaws is much more than what we choose to show.

Moreover, we need to be more open to vulnerability and not be seen as a weakness because it never was. We can harness this trait as a strength to remain humble when life doesn’t go our way. And regular as we are, it’s a superpower we can be proud of. We can stay soft in a world that pressures us to go hard.

Embracing Who You Are, Flaws and All

While this may be a regular guy’s guide to loving ourselves and embracing our flaws, doing so takes more than practice. It’s a matter of trying every day, down to the most minor things like how we look at ourselves in the mirror, how we choose to start our mornings, and any unexpected situation that may strike. Rather than perpetuating or entertaining the thought of not being enough, being kinder to ourselves is more than enough.

Embracing who you are takes a lot of accepting the hideous parts of yourself unconditionally. If we ever feel like we can’t live up to our expectations. In that case, we need to remind ourselves to let go of the desire to conform to everyone else at the expense of becoming someone we’re not proud of. Moreover, we can’t give what we don’t have, so treating ourselves with kindness, understanding, and forgiveness will help us connect with others better. We can even learn more about them in the book “Stand Up or Sit Out” by Anthony R. Candela.

As regular guys, we can never keep up with society’s fast-paced standards and the unrealistic means to achieve them. However, embracing our flaws and being comfortable in our own skin will eventually allow us to love ourselves without inhibitions.

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